Meet the Family

Tania Nash has been educating and presenting at various agricultural shows throughout Australia for 20 years. Her family have grown up working on stage and behind the scenes in all her presentations. Meet Ms Honey and the Honey Clan……


Ms Honey is a seasoned performer and creates a fun and entertaining learning environment for the children. She focuses on personalizing the classes by getting to know the children throughout the class. Kids love her.


Big Schnitzel (Big Schnitz) is the big Daddy of the performance, working tirelessly on preparing the food and coordinating the back of house so that all our young cooks get to cook and eat their own creations. He has a playful and theatrical personality, who is a building designer and electrician by trade. He has performed on stage as a comedian and in musicals and pantomimes in local productions throughout Queensland.


Chuppa Chup is at home in the kitchen having grown up working alongside her mum, Ms Honey. She has performed  in many productions including musicals and pantomimes and is a natural on stage.


Little Schnitzel (Little Schnitz) is also at home in the kitchen and loves preparing for Cooking with Kids classes. She is naturally comedic and also has performed alongside her sister in many musicials and pantomimes.



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